Need custom artwork of your boat?

It’s easy! Just send us a photo of your boat.

It’s true, all we need is a photo of your boat, but it must be a high resolution photo. You can take it with you cell phone, just make sure the photo is not resized. Photo’s saved off Facebook or Instagram will not work, when you upload a photo to those apps they resize it.

Angle is everything.

The angle of the boat in your photo will be the angle of the boat in the artwork. Be sure to keep mind things like outriggers, accessories, engine trimmed up, and seat or console covers. If your engine is trimmed up in the photo it’ll be trimmed up in the artwork.

What does it cost?

It’s free as long as you order a minimum of 75 shirts from us. If you just need artwork most jobs range from $150-$250, but send us the photo you would like to use and we’ll send you a quote right back. Most of the time we’ll have you a proof back within 5-7 business days.

You’ll get all file types!

File types can be a real pain, but if we do your artwork we’ll send you every file type you could possibly need including ai, eps, jpeg, png, and psd. If you already have some artwork we can also recreate to vector so that it can be screen printed.

Boat name and font.

If you already have a name on your transom that you like just send us a photo of that along with your boat photo. If you don’t have a name, font, and design we’ll come up with something cool for you.